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Mask Making Tutorial: Part 2 by EvanCampbell Mask Making Tutorial: Part 2 by EvanCampbell
A detailed view into the process of mask making.
I hope that non-sculptor's will find this interesting.

Mask making,Skin texture,Realistic hair, Vampire Teeth

All Facts and other material in this tutorial are provided as
general information. Neither Evan Campbell nor Deviantart
assume or accept any responsibility for, and will not be liable
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propsculptor Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2010
Amazing work as always Evan!!
coolvanillia Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010
wow...the mask looks cool...but the mask is nothing when you look at this good-looking men <3
EvanCampbell Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2010
:blush:Thanks! That is kind of you to write!:)
coolvanillia Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2010
QasemBarzegar Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2010
you are genius!!!!!!!!
Widhiarthaz Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
wow very amazing
akasha2683 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for your tuto..i think i will try it
TommyTwoThumbs Featured By Owner May 26, 2010
Holy shit your just awesome! makes me want to start sculpting again.
SweetMysterium Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2010
Does this work for making gelatin or latex appliances? I was really hoping to learn how to make some for this falls Fan Expo in Toronto (I go for the horror section) and the zombie walk. I got such fantastic responses from last time that I need to find a way to up myself from what I did last year. And proper appliances that I could sculpt would prolly be my best bet.

But either way thanks for the tutorials! Fantastic!
PsychotropicFox Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are much younger than I assumed you to be. For all the gruesome detail you put into your masks and sculptures, there is indeed a beauty behind it. It's more of a challenge to make something frightening or gross to today's society than to make something 'pretty'. In my eyes, this is a true work of art. One can see all the time and work put into this, very imaginative.
By any chance, was this used for anything? I didn't expect any hair to be put on it, but once it was, it looked a bit familiar.
I also got to wondering how anybody could wear it, since you put a second layer of burlap in it. Does it open somewhere, or is it just for looks?
Tigerstarwolf Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010
:worship: :worship: :worship: You Are The Mask Master
No-Sign-of-Sanity Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010  Professional General Artist
Badass! These tutorials are phenomenal! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and insight!
magnifEyes Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010
interesting tut's
thank you for sharing
Love from Sweden
D0nu7 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a wonderful tutorial that will help many people! Thank you so much for posting this :D
pinkplaidrobot Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010  Professional General Artist
Wow! This an amazing tutorial!

....and you're REALLY SEXY!!!...*cough* sorry...had to say it.:giggle:
annamnt Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow! hard work and skillz!!!
Njalla Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010
Ehheeheewww, it looks so creepy!
And I could almost say you look really beautiful next to that mask XD

I would never have patience to do anything like that o.o
LasseBauer Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
Bloody brilliant. You are a true master. Thanks for the insight!
EvanCampbell Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
Thanks so much...glad you found it interesting!
LasseBauer Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
Oh, yes. Very much so. I wish I had skills like that..or the time to start building them. Could be fun to do some masks.
What material do you use for creating the bust/sculpture itself?
MrFixation Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010
Great stuff, your skill is remarkable and just over the top! So realistic that its scary! In a good way. Keep creating! ;}>
EvanCampbell Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2010
I appreciate such a nice comment...thanks!:)
murmelente Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2010
awesome, i want mooore !
EvanCampbell Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010
I working on it....might be a bit of time.
spiritstallion4eva Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2010
Hes so ugly * in a good way! :D you did an AMAZING job!!*
but...your so hot ;-;
EvanCampbell Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010
arabellen Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2010
I can't imagine how he can kiss....
MattKaufenberg Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2010
This was a fantastic tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing it with us and for the words of wisdom.
d-mikelson Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010  Professional General Artist
I always loved redheads. Now my feeling changed slightly.

very intresting. we just had molding and casting in lessons. I would start right now if the materials wouldn´t be so expensive.

very good work, sir. I´m looking up to you
LatimersLust Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010
this walkthrough is fantastic! i'v been wanting to do this for so long but the confidence just hasnt been there but this makes me want to give it a shot.
i was wondering, inside the clay head, do you build it over some sort of armature and if you do, what is it made out of?
also how lond did the head take you to sculpt?
Bahji Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010
final product looks like me on a bad day
notreallypurple Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009
You are an absolute treasure-trove of knowledge.. I am so glad I ran across you and started watching! I am a little more interested in trying solid casts with rubbery molds than vice-versa, but this tute provides vast amounts of insight either way.. like prying-points! I catch myself thinking 'OMG I would have never thought of these little tips unless I had seen the pros do it first.' And this particular tute is gonna come in perfectly handy if I ever try one particular latex mold project I'm fond of.

If I had a question for you I guess I wanna ask what modelling clays you like best. I am used to being able to fixate ideas in sculpey, but I am also coming around to modelling clay just to hash out forms (I can't believe the lovely finished products you make in plastalina, it seems so impermanent to me).. I just plain hate starting up from armatures, I wanna mush the whole composition together at once with all its basic proportions and action lines intact, so I'd really like a firm modelling substance that can take that sort of abuse.. I am considering buying several pounds of 'Medium' castilene, since I have a heat gun and can either mash it or carve it, sounds like. But if you have a better recommendation that would be great.
EvanCampbell Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2009
I have never used sounds like a lot of work to me - but if you do not want to make an armature that might be the way to go. Google Chavant clays - comes in many different grades and colors. The very firm grades is what they sculpt real cars out of. Most of the people I have worked with use this product for detailed sculpting. Thanks so much for writing such a great comment...this means a lot to me!
thehotmageaeris Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Handsome AND extremely talented! You have it made. I'll never stop being impressed. :D
Thanks for the tutorial, I love seeing the process of wonderful art. If only I had the stuff on hand to try it out myself.
EvanCampbell Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2009
Thanks for the is very nice of you to take the time and write!
Pipi-Poyo Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2009
its amazing to see how well you do your work , i wish try it someday

and you look very nice to, heh
EvanCampbell Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2009
Thank you so much for both compliments!;)
ThomasKain Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2009  Professional
These have been extremely awesome and helpful. I can't wait to surprise my dimensional illustration teacher with all that I've learned here- many thanks!
EvanCampbell Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2009
That's great to read...I'm glad it may be useful.
JamieDMac Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2009
Thanks so much for doing this Evan! I dread moulding and casting stuff, never really learnt how to do it properly. So to see you go through it step by step is incredibly useful.
I've tried glueing hair on a model a couple of times and it was always a complete disaster. Never thought of using latex as an adhesive. Will have to give that a try next time.

...that is one of the cleanest plaster moulds I've ever seen...
EvanCampbell Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2009
Thanks so much is nice to see a good response on this.
As far as the hair, latex can still take some time to dry - contact cement works really fast.
Thebuild Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2009
Really great work, I lvoe seeing you build this piece up as well as explain the stages and techiniques used (such as going from light to dark first).
riotorange Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009
OH hell yah! Thanks! i have been wanting this info for a while now. w00t!
Nordic-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
thanx awhole lot for this! i have a mask in the making so this came very timely!
Crashmgn Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
it's great to see the whole process Evan really intresting info!
Cryptcrawler Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009
This is just so great of you to do this, Evan.
Thanks so much
doormatt Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
jeeeesus i can't believe how realistic it looks! thanks evan!
StudioJsculpts Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
This is amazing Thanks Evan excellant tutorial!!
DUST-N-SHADOW Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009
Thanks again Evan, this tutorial is brilliant and has answered many a question which has plagued me for the longest time.
Feral-Ink Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009
lost for words, a true master. thank you once again for sharing.
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